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Where to stay in Mallorca?

An easy guide to choose your perfect spot on the largest island of the Balearic

Looking at the map of #Mallorca you might think that it doesn't really matter where you are going to stay: at the end of the day it may be the largest island of the Balearic (Spain) but it's still only 3640 km2 small... about the same size of Rhode Island!

Actually, you may be right: in fact you can reach every corner of the island in less than 1hour drive. But it really depends on what you are looking for. If you don't choose carefully and you are looking for a quiet spot, you may end up in a place where nightlife and crowded beaches are guaranteed. On the other hand, if you are looking for fun and wild parties you could possibly share your stay with families and elderly people, where the only wild thing you will experience are the pristine beaches and panoramas.

Very rough description of the areas of Mallorca

Here you have an easy guide to chose your perfect destination in Mallorca, based on what you're really looking for:

  • South-west - If you like the "movida" (nightlife), don't mind crowded beaches and want to stay close to Palma, this is definitely the place to be;

  • North-west - If you prefer mountains (well, as Swiss citizen we would name them hills...) to beaches, this is definitely your area;

  • North-east - If you like long beaches (a total of 7 Km or 4.6 miles) and a Miami Beach style tourist area this is your location;

  • East-coast - If you prefer small, cosy coves and caves this is most probably your best choice.

Aerial view from our drone of the Blau Punta Reina Resort in Mallorca

No surprise, we choose the calmer and cosy coves on the east-coast. More precisely, we spent two weeks at the Blau Punta Reina Resort, a four stars resort on a cliff surrounded by two lovely coves, Cala Estany d'en Mas and Cala Mendia (Cala, by the way, means cove). Both beaches are only like 70-80 meters (230-260 ft) long, but at least twice as wide. Sand and water are very nice and all the services provided - showers, bar, restaurant and beach chairs with umbrellas (for rent).

View from our room at Blau Punta Reina Resort

To summarize, where you're going to stay in Mallorca really depends on your wishes and needs. In any case we suggest you to rent a car in order to freely discover the island. As mentioned earlier, you can reach every corner of Mallorca in less than an hour and you really don't want to miss the chance to visit the capital city Palma de Mallorca and beautiful little towns like Porto Cristo and Portocolom.

Discover all the romantic Calas, the fabled caves Cuevas del Drach as well as the most breathtaking panoramas: this island will fascinate you under every aspect. We will tell you more about it in one of the next posts.

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